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Capodimonte Porcelain
Capodimonte is the finest and most perfect grade of Italian artistic pottery and is appreciated for its craftsmanship and detailed workmanship. The name Capodimonte (Top of the Hill) is tied to the city of Naples and particularly to the kingdom of Charles III of Bourbon. Craftsmen came from all over Italy to learn the art of Capodimonte and their works were marked with the crown and the "N" symbols. We are pleased to present the following items in Capodimonte porcelain. We know you will appreciate their lovely workmanship.

 NOTE: You will find reference to other items on the internet that represent themselves as Capodimonte porcelain.  Please be aware that these items are NOT Capodimonte; they are marked t. capodimonte which means Tipo Capodimonte (or made in the style of Capodimonte) and are most often made in China. They may be lovely but they are not Capodimonte. .
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Capodimonte Wedding Rings
Capodimonte Wedding Rings
List Price: $9.00
Our Price: $8.50